Digital Signs

Digital fliers are one tool for communicating events and announcements to students and employees at Pacific University.

Marketing & Communications currently manages centralized digital screens on the Forest Grove Campus, including:

  • Marsh Hall, north entrance
  • Pacific Hall, east entrance
  • University Center (2 screens)
  • Tran Library, circulation desk

Students and employees may create and submit slides to appear on these screens for specific windows of time.

There are several other digital screens on Pacific’s campuses that are used and managed by specific units. You may contact a screen manager to request a slide on those screens:

Athletics | Screens in the Stoller Center are managed by Sports Information Director in Pacific Athletics. Contact Derek Wiley at for details.

Business | Screens in Berglund Hall are managed by the College of Business. Contact Alessandra Govi at for details.

Kinesiology | Screens in the Kinesiology Department (also Stoller Center) are managed by the Kinesiology Department. Contact Brian Jackson at for details.

Optometry | The three screens in Jefferson Hall are managed primarily by the College of Optometry. Content submitted for the shared Forest Grove screens are included on the Jefferson Hall displays. Contact Linna Armstrong at for details.

UIS | Screens in the basement of Marsh Hall are managed by University Information Services. Contact Brian King at for details.


Getting Started

Gather your info.

  • Slides should include basic details, such as title, time, date, place of an event, or a brief synopsis and deadline for an announcement.
  • Slides should be brief with limited text, so that fonts sizes can be read from a distance, quickly. Slides only appear for about 10 seconds.
  • Create a calendar post or news post on to provide more information. Learn how.
  • Include a shortlink or QR code on your slide to send people to more information.

Create your digital slide.

  • Create a slide in software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Canva.
  • All slides must be 1920x1080 pixels (horizontal 16:9 ratio) with a resolution of at least 72 dpi.
  • Slides must be saved as .jpg files.
  • Slides must be in RGB color mode.

Submit your slide.

  • Submit your content on this request form.
  • Include requested start and end dates.
  • Attach your completed .jpg slide.



Requests will be published within five business days of your submission.

Plan ahead to ensure that your message is posted for at least two weeks prior to an event, deadline, etc.

Don’t overdo it. Slides that are up for several weeks stop garnering attention. If you have a long-term message to share, plan to submit new or fresh slides with design or text variations.


Get Help

Questions about sign content and submissions? Contact Rosie Fiallo, assistant director of communications, in Marketing & Communications for assistance.

Interested in a new digital screen on campus? All digital signage purchases/installation must go through UIS. Learn More


More Information

Find templates and best practices (coming soon) for digital sign slides.

Learn to create a calendar post on

Learn to create a news post on

Submit news or events for the student and employee e-newsletters

Discover additional ways to promote your news and events on campus (coming soon)

Submit a Slide

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The campus standard for digital signage software is Rise Vision. The departmental Digital Coordinator will coordinate with Marcom to setup a company account to create, develop, and manage the display(s).

Any monthly fees from Rise Vision for content storage or widget use would be the responsibility of the department to pay.


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