Equipment Loans and Checkout

Provided To

Students, Staff, and Faculty


UIS provides a a catalogue of equipment to checkout for short periods of time to facilitate presentations, collaboration, and connectivity. The Helpdesk provides availability to:

  • Adapters for connecting computers to our in room systems. 
  • Av equipment to provide popup projection and audio support. 
  • USB pluggable peripherals 
  • Extension cords and power strips
  • Apple and PC laptops for short term use.

Most checkouts are 24 hours and can be extended to one week when appropriate. 


Forest Grove Helpdesk, Hillsboro Helpdesk

Subject Matter Expert

Bill Carrigan


Available during Helpdesk Operational hours. Reservations can be submitted at anytime.

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Wed 11/10/21 10:22 AM
Fri 11/12/21 7:47 AM