Privacy and Security Incident Reporting


Provided To

All Pacific University staff, faculty, students, alumni, patients an other community members.


The University Privacy Officer, in coordination with UIS (and particularly the Chief Information Security Officer), investigates every potential or suspected:

  • Violation of the privacy of any student, patient, research participant, employee or alumni of Pacific University.
  • Flaw in physical or information security that may result in a violation of privacy.
  • Violation of the policies put in place to protect people's private information. 

Reports may be made anonymously.

UIS Support Level

Fully Supported

Subject Matter Expert

University Privacy Officer (Lisa Downing)

Timing Factors

Please report immediately as soon as you become aware of the possibility of a privacy or policy violation.  Reports are investigated as soon as possible and, in many cases, privacy laws and regulations require timely investigation and reporting.

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