August 2021 Employee Technology Newsletter

Greetings Pacific University Community! 

Wow! What a heck of a summer we’ve had so far! Lots of changes especially with the migration of our email system to Boxer Mail (otherwise known as Gmail in some areas.) A huge THANK YOU to all the employees for your patience, collaboration, and partnership during this important change. We’ve got several other exciting upgrades coming up, such as EMS, Etrieve, and a new ticketing system (TeamDynamix), all to better help you and our students. As always, your UIS team is just a phone, email, or Zoom connection away!

Thank you and go Boxers!
Brandon Gatke


Welcome Leah Reed to the UIS Team From College of Optometry

Please join us in welcoming the amazing Leah Reed, who has spent many years helping the College of Optometry with their electronic medical records, and who is now joining UIS.  Leah will continue to be the dedicated Epic analyst and Compulink and Topcon Harmony support specialist.  Working for UIS will allow her to provide these services with even more help from her UIS teammates and to grow her role as the university explores new opportunities with Epic.  UIS and College of Optometry leadership believe this move will provide more resources to the College of Optometry and will allow Leah's unique skills and knowledge to benefit the entire university.

Check Your Spam Filter Frequently

Google is now handling spam filtering for all Pacific accounts.  This means you will no longer get digests of quarantined messages.  Instead, any message that Google believes is spam goes into your Spam folder.  This spam filtering system relies heavily on your feedback to be accurate.  We suggest that you check your Spam folder in Boxer Mail at least weekly until Google better learns, as you mark items as spam or as not-spam, what messages you want to see.

If you are using an email client (such as Outlook or Apple Mail) to access your Boxer Mail, your client may show you spam in the "Junk Mail" or "Junk" folders (and you may need to open the folder and refresh of click "Get Mail" to see anything at all).  However, you can only teach Google what you consider spam or not spam in the Boxer Mail web interface.

Check Your Directory Release Settings

We've made changes to how employee information is shown to the Pacific community and to the public, and would like all employees to check their settings.  Log into myAccount, click on your PUNet ID in the upper left, go to Online Directory on the left, then click Update.  Here, you can decide whether to share your information with only current Pacific people (via the Google directory) or whether to also share that information on the publicly available Find People page.  

If any of the work information shown (such as office location) is inaccurate, you can click on Employee Information on the left to update it.

Returning to Campus?  Check These Things.

If you're returning to one of our Pacific University campuses after an extended absence, we suggest you check on the following after your return:

  • Are your devices still connecting to Boxer Wireless?
  • Has your phone been forwarded to another number?
  • Do you need any help reconnecting items (e.g. printers, monitors) that were taken home?
  • Does your office printer still work?
  • Has the technology changed in any of the classrooms that you teach in?
  • Turn on any computers that have been off while you've been gone so they can start getting updates.  Be prepared to reboot a few times.
  • Do you have any tech in your office you no longer use that you'd like us to take away to reuse or recycle?

Contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with any of these items.

Four Year Wireless Registration

We're very happy to announce that we've increased the expiration for wireless registrations from one year to four years.  That means what when you next register any device to connect to the Boxer Wireless network, you won't be asked to register that device again for another four years.  (Any wireless registrations that were created before this change will still expire at the expected time.)

Google Tip: Reply All

In the Google web interface, when you reply to a message with multiple recipients, by default it replies only to the person sending the message.  You can access the Reply All function via the three dots to the right of the Reply button.  However, if you typically always reply to everyone, it may help to make this the default form of reply.  To do this, go into your Boxer Mail web interface, click on the gear icon in the top right and choose "See all settings."  Under the General tab, find "Default reply behavior" and change it to "Reply all" and then click "Save" at the very bottom.

New Training: Transitioning from Outlook to Boxer Mail

We're holding a new training for employees who want to transition from using Outlook for their mail to using the Boxer Mail interface.  The training will be held Friday, August 24th from 1-2pm on Zoom.  You can register here for the training.  (You can also watch our previous trainings on the Gmail web interface and using Outlook to access your Boxer Apps account.


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