Facility Use & Conference/Event Support

Special COVID Restrictions: External groups must obtain a COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative Test Attestation from all attendees to events utilizing Pacific University facilities.

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Employees, alumni and community members.   Students should work with Pete Erschen and ACE Board for student-run events and room reservations.


Pacific University offers many options for meetings, events, and conferences; the Conference and Event Support Services team is here to help guide you through the process.

Facility use approval is one of the first steps required when planning a conference or event on campus. You must receive approval for facility use prior to confirming your event. For external groups. the Request Facility Usage/Event Support form helps us better understand the scope of your request.

Facility use is approved by Conference & Event Support Services (CESS) in consultation with other stakeholders depending on the facility(s) in question.

Many factors must be considered prior to us confirming a conference or an event on campus, including but not limited to space availability, timing, relationship to the academic program(s), other coinciding events, costs to the university, staffing needs, our ability to organize and staff the events, and possible liabilities. Completing this form allows for all parties to have a better understanding of what the event will entail and what staff and other resources will be needed.

Subject Matter Expert

Director of Conference & Events

Timing Factors

Be mindful of allowing appropriate lead time for your conference or event’s implementation and promotion. Conference and event implementation and proper promotion can take anywhere from four weeks to 12 months, depending on the scope of work. Space on campus is limited, and it is critical to allow as much time to plan as possible. Note that the facility use approval process alone can take up to two weeks.

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COVID-19 Vaccination or Negative Test Attestation

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