Connecting to and Using Eduroam


Information on the eduroam wireless network and how to connect to it.


About Eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.  Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by connecting their wireless-capable device (phone, laptop, or tablet) to the eduroam wireless network.  Eduroam is available in thousands of locations worldwide.

Pacific University provides the eduroam wireless network as an option for guests to Pacific University to gain temporary Internet access. Eduroam is available in most of the buildings on the Forest Grove campus and the Hillsboro campus (excluding the Tuality 7th Avenue Medical Plaza).  Other institutions in the area that offer Eduroam access include Portland Community College, Portland State University, Oregon Health & Science University (includes OHSU-Tuality campus in Hillsboro), George Fox University (Newberg, OR), Western Oregon University (Monmouth, OR), Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR), and the University of Oregon (Eugene, OR).  Eduroam maintains a searchable map of eduroam locations in the United States, and links to worldwide locations.  There is also an eduroam companion app that is available for iOS and Android to help you find a participating location offering eduroam access on your phone or tablet.

For users with an active PUNetID:

Users with an active PUNetID account (students, staff, faculty) should use the following steps for a new registration:

1) Start by making sure you have a connection to the Internet (Ethernet, Boxer Wireless, Boxer Guest, etc.).
2) go to
3) Click the start button to begin.
4) Enter your PUNetID and password.
5) (optional) Review the list of previously granted certificates and delete any expired registrations or certificates no longer needed.
6) You will be directed to download and run the configuration wizard. This will set up and configure your computer to connect to Boxer Wireless.
7) Once the wizard completes, you can switch to the Eduroam network by going to your WiFi settings and selecting the "eduroam" wireless network (SSID).

The login certificate installed by the wizard is also valid for Boxer Wireless and the wizard will also add a profile for Boxer Wireless at the same time as one for eduroam is created.  Wireless registrations are valid for 4 years from the date of registration. Email reminders will be sent when the registration for a device is about to expire. Repeat the registration process to renew your access. You do not have to renew the wireless registration when you change your PUNetID password.

Using an existing Boxer Wireless Registration for Eduroam

As an alternative, you can use your existing Boxer Wireless registration certificate to access the eduroam wireless network.  This requires you to set up eduroam manually.

For MacOS:

1) Go to the menu bar and select the WiFi icon to bring up the list of available wireless networks.  Select "eduroam."
2) Security type should be "WPA/WPA2 Enterprise" and mode should be set to "EAP-TLS" (not Automatic)
3) For identity, pick the certificate used by Boxer Wireless (should be or PUNetID@employee,  Leave the username field blank.
4) Click the Join button and you should connect to eduroam.

For Windows:

1) Select “eduroam” from the list of the available WiFi networks
2) When prompted for credentials, click on “Connect using a certificate”
3) You will get a “Continue connecting?” alert and the option to view the certificate.
4) Click “Connect” and you should be connected to Eduroam

Eduroam Troubleshooting

Accessing eduroam at a non-Pacific Location - If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to eduroam at a non-Pacific site, you can check with the technical support at that location to see if they are experiencing problems with eduroam.

Windows - If you have multiple wireless certificates installed, you may be prompted to select a certificate every time you connect to eduroam or Boxer Wirless.  Deleting any extra user certificates ( or will resolve this issue.

Removing certificates - The Installation Wizard does not remove old or expired certificates which can cause issues if multiple certificates are installed. While client computers tend to ignore outdated and expired certificates, it can cause authentication failures when connecting or a prompt if multiple valid certificates are present. If you think this is the issue, you can check the computer for multiple certificates and deleted any extra or expired certificates.


Click on Start and type "MMC" to bring up the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
Under the File menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in
From the list of available snap-ins, select Certificates
You will be prompted for which certificate store to look at. Select "User."
From the list at the left, open the personal directory.
Check the list for wireless certificates (should show up as or
Verify the expiration date of the certificate and deleted any expired duplicates.


Launch Keychain Access (found in the Applications -> Utilities folder).
With the login keychain selected, check the list for wireless certificates (should show up as or You can use the search box if it's a long list.
Verify the expiration date of the certificate and deleted any expired duplicates.


  1. Open your Internet Settings
  2. Select to view your "Saved networks"
  3. Select 'eduroam' from your saved networks
  4. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right of the eduroam saved network window
  5. Make are the settings are set as follows:
  • EAP Method: TLS
  • CA Certificate: Select the eduroam certificate installed by the XpressConnect login above that looks like "eduroam_WPA_EAPIEEE8021X_TLS_NULL_0"
  • Online Certificate Status: Do not verify
  • Domain:
  • User certificate: Select the eduroam certificate installed by the XpressConnect login above that looks like "eduroam_WPA_EAPIEEE8021X_TLS_NULL"
  • Identity setting for Students:
  • Identity settings for Employees:
  • Advanced Settings:
    • Metered: Detect Automatically
    • Proxy: None
    • IP settings: Use DHCP
    • Privacy: Use Device MAC


Obtaining Help

If you have trouble connecting to eduroam, please see our instructions for contacting support at the Technology Help Desk.



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