How to Login to BlueVolt

The University uses a system called BlueVolt to conduct compliance training. This article will tell you how to log in to this system. 


This first thing you will need to do is to navigate to the log in page here ( This page can also be reached by going to the Pacific University Online Tools page and clicking on Compliance Training. A link to the Online Tools page can be found at the bottom of the University home page or by going to ( Below are images and steps on how to log in to BlueVolt.

The log in page for BlueVolt should look like this:


When on the log in page, if you have a PUNetID then you use the top log in link below. Using this link will send you to the University SSO page, unless you have already logged in through SSO services in which it will take you directly to the Welcome Screen. 


If you don't have a PUNetID and have been given access to BlueVolt you will need to log in with a registered email and password through the bottom log in prompt shown below.


Once logged in, the Welcome Page should look like the image below.


If you have courses assigned to you they can be found by clicking on My Courses located in the red bar at the top left of the page and the My Courses page will look like what is shows below.


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