BlueVolt Admin Guide - Early Re-Enrollment in a Course

Introduction to Manual Course Re-Enrollment

Healthcare compliance courses in BlueVolt are set to re-enroll learners in coursework one year after their initial enrollment date. However, the need may arise for an individual to re-enroll or retake a course early. In addition to the automatic re-enrollment the BlueVolt system performs for us, Departmental Group Admins in BlueVolt can also manually re-enroll an individual into a course.


Re-enrolling one or more users into a course

Please note that these re-enrolment instructions are meant only for individuals needing to be re-enrolled in a course sooner than the automated re-enrollment would do after 1 year. For enrolling a learner in coursework for the first time, the preferred method would be to add that learner to a Training Track

  1. Login to BlueVolt
  2. Launch the Admin Dashboard from the top-corner under Admin => Dashboard
  3. Navigate to My University => Learner Activity => Manage Enrollments
  4. Select Enroll Users then select By Course
  5. Find your course by choosing your course category, then selecting your course from the drop down menu
  6. Find your learner/user (or group of learners/users) by first selecting a group
  7. Select "Enroll" for all desired learners/users, then scroll down and select Enroll Selected Users button


Known Limitations - One Course at a Time

Training Tracks are a great way to enroll one or more learners/users in a collection of coursework, but unfortunately manually re-enrolling an individual or individuals into coursework has to be done one course a time.


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