BlueVolt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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BlueVolt is Pacific's official learning management system for online compliance training.


As of 12/1/2020, BlueVolt replaces Healthstream as the University's compliance training platform and is available at or from the Pacific University Online Tools page

Table of Contents

Accessing Assigned Training

Managing User Accounts

Assigning Coursework

Running Reports

Accessing Assigned Training

Q: How do I access my training?

A: Login to BlueVolt and click on "My Courses" in the top navigation bar. In all likelihood, your training as been assigned to you under a section called "Training Tracks"

Q: Why don't I have any courses assigned to me?

A: If you sign in and do not see any of the coursework you expect to be assigned to you, your department's BlueVolt Administrator may need to add you to their Training Track. Contact your department's BlueVolt administrator for assistance.

Q: How can I access my transcript?

A: After you sign in to Bluevolt, click no your username in the top-right corner and select My Transcript to find a printable version of your learning report.

Managing User Accounts

Q: How do I add a user to BlueVolt?

A: There is an automated system for creating users in BlueVolt. By default, all learners (users) at Pacific University are enrolled in a "Primary Group" or "Parent Group" specific to your department or program. This is done automatically when a student or employee becomes active with the University and has their program or department declared by the Registrar or Human Resources in our ERP system.

If you are a BlueVolt administrator and you cannot find a user  who should be in your BlueVolt group, please let us know by filling out a service request form here.

Q: How do I add an existing user to a group in BlueVolt?

A: Please see our guide on managing groups here.

Q: Can I remove a user from BlueVolt?

A: No. You can remove users from your Group as desired, but a user cannot be removed entirely from the platform. This ensures that a record of training completion remains available for review.

Q: How do I remove a user from a group or Training Track in BlueVolt?

A: Please see our guide on managing Training Tracks here.

Assigning Coursework

Q: What is a Training Track?

A: Training Tracks are a way of grouping several courses together. Training Tracks also offer a way of assigning a group of courses to a group of students quickly and easily, then later tracking learner progress through reports. Additionally, an "expected duration" can be set on a Training Track to automate email reminders to learners. We have  documentation on creating, modifying Training Tracks here.

Running Reports

Q: Where can I find more information on running a report?

A: Click here to read more on running reports in BlueVolt.


For assistance, please use the service request form here.


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